Back in 2013, David Ottier was approached by Melanie Muncaster of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund (a.k.a. 'NOHFC') about developing a sound training program in the north. At that time, there were no qualified sound personell living and working north of Toronto. David took great interest in wanting to use his craft to expand the field he is most passionate about and moved from Toronto to Sudbury.

Over the past several years, David Ottier has met many amateur sound mixers/recordists and boom op's in the north, But none of them compare to the competence and skill of Alexis Hoxar. Each trainee was skillfully selected and trained by David Ottier in their respective roles. while Alexis brings her own style to each job, there is always one constant: a commitment to high quality sound recordings with respect for the process and the talent both on and off camera.


david ottier | founder/mixer

A product of the prestigious Sound Engineering program at Recording Arts Canada (RAC), David has been recording and mixing sound for over 15 years. Aiming for a career in film and television, David started as a locations scout where he learned how crews operate, and how the sound department fits into the magic process that is filmmaking. David established MidCoast in 2000 with the goal of creating a technically proficient team with only the highest standards. The MidCoast team quickly earned a reputation for taking initiative on set, solving problems with creativity and flexibility, and being fully accountable for audio recording and mixing. This reputation has given David and his team the opportunity to work on some truly remarkable projects. Awards 2008 – Gemini Award for Best Lifestyle/Practical Information Series for Chef School 2009 – Genie Award Nomination for Best Achievement in Overall Sound for This Beautiful City  


Alexis Hoxar

alexis hoxar | mixer

Alexis Hoxar's journey began at a local Theatre group in London Ontario. Although having had a large stage presence, it was the behind-the-scenes action she was most passionate about. Following the advice of an esteemed colleague, Alexis attended Confederation College in Thunder Bay largely due to their hands on approach. Upon graduating with Honours, Alexis was ready to embark upon her journey into her sound mixing career.  Alexis' drive and tenacity set her apart from other Northern up-and-coming mixers and landed her a trainee position at MidCoast Sound Inc. Over the last year and half, Alexis has listened to, learned from, and experienced a broad mixture of professional films and television shows that have given her the tools to succeed. In the past several months, Alexis has mixed two feature films on her own with the help and guidance of her trainer, David Ottier. Now as the first and only Northern female Sound Mixer, she is proud to be a part of the MidCoast Sound Team and is eagerly awaiting her next project.