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MidCoast Productions is one of Canada’s leading audio teams. 



At MidCoast Productions, our passion is sound. That’s why producers from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa have trusted us with their on-set and post-production audio needs.

Whether hiking the mountains of Rwanda for that perfect rainforest ambient, or juggling 12 simultaneous feeds from chatting teenagers, what sets MidCoast apart is a dogged effort to obtain clear, crisp and authentic sound.

Established in 2000 by award-winning mixer David Ottier, MidCoast prides itself in going above and beyond for our producers. We take full responsibility for on-set audio.

Our approach:

      -Allows directors to focus on visuals and performance
      -Ensures a smooth transition between on-set and post-production
      -Reduces time in post-production mixing
      -Decreases the need for ADR

    To lock up an enthusiastic, experienced and technically proficient team for your next production, contact us today.


    We have the experience, technical knowledge and personnel to make any project sound like a Hollywood feature. 

    Pitter patter

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