MidCoast Sound Inc.



"David Ottier's focus, attention to detail and commitment to obtaining the best and cleanest recording quality in all sorts of difficult conditions is unparalleled and and it's a true pleasure to work with him and his team. David invests his time and money to ensure top of the line equipment and communicates effectively and frequently with post production departments to ensure top level and consistent quality. "



Midcoast is my go-to location sound squad and David Ottier is a champion on and off the set. His work and leadership is superlative and provides me with so many options in post because the sound quality is through-the-roof. ADR with Midcoast is only for creative changes because his team gets every word, line and nuance. But even more: David and his associates know what it means to work on a team, be positive under difficult conditions and have fun doing the crazy things we do. Do you need a sound team that will walk through fire and water for you? Hire Midcoast, because they’ve done it for me time and again.

"MidCoast has helped us through 20 episodes in Sudbury and will be our sound team moving forward.  We're lucky to have such a positive and capable group on Letterkenny."


- Jared Keeso | executive producer/writer | get 'er done productions

I’ve used David Ottier and his company on several of my films and found him to be professional and helpful. In addition to providing quality sound work, he also speaks up to alert us to any possible sound issues when necessary. I would not hesitate to hire him again on a Canadian or US Production.

“i recently hired david ottier from midcoast productions to handle the location sound duties on our latest feature film “the shrine”. having worked with david on numerous occasions before i was confident that he was the right person for the job.

david is a well trained professional who really takes pride in his work. he’s constantly working to get the best sound possible and protect the clarity of the dialogue thereby ensuring that any adr is kept at the minimum in post. david also takes pride in his equipment and always brings more than is needed in case the production runs into a jam. it’s because of his professionalism, work ethic, and drive that i’ve hired david back to record location sound on my next project this fall. he has my highest recommendation.”


j. michael dawson | producer | lifeforce entertainment

buck productions did not make a single film in 2009 without midcoast productions inc.

“what we were able to achieve on this beautiful city was something truly special; it required dedication and hard work on the part of a talented crew. david and the midcoast team were an integral part of the crew and without them the film just wouldn’t have been the same. they will always be the first and only call i make when i think of a sound department.”


justin kelly | production manager | this beautiful city

a sound-recordist is essentially the first person to hear a film and david ottier is that rare kind of forward-thinking craftsman who comes up with solutions to problems that the producer may not even be aware of until long after they’ve left the location. a great technician and a true artist, he will always give you what you need to make your project sing!

“we are currently editing the second feature david worked with us on, titled love of my life, and the sound is excellent. i am quite confident that we will not need any adr for this film as well, which is unprecedented in our exerience. the post sound house we used on happily ever after were extremely impressed with his work, particularly with how well the radio-miked audio mixed with the boom tracks.

in addition to his excellent work as a sound recordist, david is a delight to work with. actors, even quite demanding ones, very much enjoy interacting with him. he is one of the best-liked people on set. he somehow manages to ensure that we get sufficient takes for audio without alienating the other departments in any way-partly, i am sure, because he so often gets the sound right on his first try. but even on days when we have airplanes circling above, as we had on our last film, his good humour makes the difficulties as smooth as possible for both crew and cast. should also add that our films are performance oriented and extremely dialogue heavy, and i am very demanding about sound.

i think one of the biggest weaknesses in many canadian films is the poor audio quality, but david ensures that our sound quality is first rate.”


joan carr-wiggin | paragraph pictures inc.

david and midcoast really stepped up and helped make my first feature documentary, “driven” a top notch, technical production. bringing the production-value of hollywood feature sound to my intimate doc was a real treat – the sound was pristine and the post work-flow was a dream. with limited initial budget, but with a story of great potential, david assigned one of his pros and a full sound kit, and we were off on our journey, covering 2000 miles and 50 years. knowing that sound was completely taken care of, i was able to focus on directing and story telling, and for a first-timer, that was invaluable. midcoast went beyond the call of duty. i owe you a big one david.