Letterkenny and Bad Blood pick up 11 Canadian Screen Award Nominations for 2019!

Well deserved recognition for both shows: Letterkenny and Bad Blood.

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Last Day of Mithra's

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was working with the entire cast and crew on this show. It was pitched to us as a ‘solid script’. That was an understatement and just the begginning of the journey Christopher MacBride was taking us all on. Produced by Aaron Poole and Lee Kim this film will be making waves very soon……

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Day 1 Mithra's

Light day one, the clam before the storm…. Introducing Chuck Kraft to the MidCoast team. He will be training with us on multiple projects.

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May 2nd Day 1 of 'Untitled Conspiracy Theory Project

Another resolute films and entertainment project, Lee Kim and Arron Poole production. MidCoast has been awarded the location sound responsibilities for this 23 day shoot. Looking forward to it. You could know this team from such projects as ‘This Beautiful City’ Genie Nominated for:

Best Actor (Aaron Poole)
Best Original Song (Bry Webb’s “Big Smoke”)
Best Sound Editing (Nelson Ferreira)
Best Overal Sound (Steve Foster, David Ottier, Paul Shubat)

And ‘Small Town Murder Songs’ Official TIFF Selection 2010

We will see you back on the red carpet my friends.

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The Last Will & Testament of Rosalind Leigh

Day 1 onset with Laura Radcliffe mixing with David Ottier as sound supervisor for MidCoast. Film is staring the talented Aaron Poole ( This Beautiful City Best Actor nomination at the 29th Genie Awards) and directed by Rodrigo Gudino Founder and publisher of Rue Morgue Magazine.

Great crew with killer locations things couldn’t be better for sound. Post is handled by Pino and his team over at Post City Sound and Urban Post.

This is a dream team!


Alexis Ottier